“Jennifer Rodney Hsia and the whole staff at the Language and Voice Experience are fantastic. They’re extremely professional and technically competent, but also caring. Our son has been going to speech therapy there for about three years, and he’s made tremendous progress—more than we could have hoped for. Cannot recommend them highly enough.”
- Jeff G.

“Our son met with Emily Brandes for speech therapy for over 2 years and we couldn’t have been more pleased with his dramatic speech and reading comprehension improvements. Emily’s academic knowledge was evident, but she went beyond the mechanics of each session and actually took an active interest in his overall development.”
- Rob W.

“My son’s therapists work hard to keep activities creative and fun. After several years of regular sessions he is still motivated and enthusiastic about improving his speech. As he continues to develop and grow, his therapists adapt to his evolving interests and needs.”
- Jen Y.

“I have had Parkinson’s for 20 years now, 10 of which I’ve spent under the tutelage of Leslie Kessler and various members of her staff. She convinced me that early speech therapy would help me preserve my voice over time, and she was right. The training I have received, and continue to receive, keeps me understandable in conversation with people. As I rose up the ranks of the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area (PFNCA), and became a board member with PAN, I had to give numerous speeches to relatively large audiences. Leslie Kessler prepared me for each challenge so I was successful as a public speaker. Not only is Leslie a prominent speech therapist, she is also an active member of the local Parkinson’s community, giving lectures, attending support group meetings and raising money for PFNCA. As far as I am concerned, she does all of this with a friendly smile and open heart. I highly recommend Leslie for anyone who has Parkinson’s or any type of speech impairment.”
- Dan L.

“Our family has had three children in speech therapy at the Language and Voice Experience and we’ve been very pleased! The staff and clinicians are warm, friendly, and professional, and work well with children and adults. They are positive and make the therapy sessions pleasant and fun for the children. Two out of three of our children have their speech issues resolved, while the third is well on her way. We highly recommend them!”
- S.B.

“I was devastated when I stayed hoarse for months after losing my voice in what I thought would be a transient illness. Fortunately my ENT doctor referred me to The Language & Voice Experience. That was the beginning of a path to reclaiming my life. The highly capable voice pathologist tailored sets of exercises to me, to heal and strengthen my voice. Her extensive knowledge and expertise, careful observations, and focus on doing the exercises correctly all helped guide me. Week by week my voice got stronger, and one capability after another gradually returned.

“The overall practice is also well run, with appointments on schedule, with communication, insurance, and payment handled capably, and with pleasant offices in which to meet and work on the exercises. The voice pathologist also showed great understanding of how sensitive an issue this kind of problem can be. I am deeply grateful to the voice pathologist for restoring my life to normal, and to The Voice Experience practice for being there when I needed it. It is such a joy to feel comfortable when talking and to be back to singing beautiful music.”
- Suzanne E.

“Our son, Kian, made tremendous strides during his time at The Language and Voice Experience. His significant speech delays at age 2 had us extremely concerned, but he quickly began to thrive and expand his horizons through the excellent work of Jennifer Rodney Hsia, who developed trust and a real rapport with him. It has been a thrill for us to witness his world expand and see the confidence he has developed now that he can really communicate to us and to the world. We are extremely grateful and give our highest endorsement to Ms. Hsia, as well as Kriti Singh, Corie-Mae Myers and the other wonderful professionals at The Language and Voice Experience.”
- Caroline M.

“I wanted you to know how very much I sincerely appreciate your patience, expertise and helpfulness with my recent therapy. You are fortunate to have very good clinicians with you in Cori, Emily and Karla. I also enjoyed working with them. And of course, Phyllis is a real “gem.” Best wishes to you for the future.”
- Nancy J.

“We are immensely grateful to Corie-Mae for taking time to render her professional opinion on our beloved son, Chiago. She has been a great source of hope and an invaluable resource. Ms. Corie Mae, overall she is a wonderful person whose infectiously genial personality has helped Chiago a lot. She treats him with dignity and respect and he has benefited from that. Please accept our utmost regards and well wishes.”
-Obi E.

“When I first took Alex to Language & Voice Experience at age three, his speech was almost unintelligible to anyone outside of our immediate family. I knew that he had a problem, but I was in denial about its severity. I was hoping that it might just “go away on its own.” Leslie Kessler and her staff were extremely good at diagnosing Alex’s problem and formulating a plan to remedy it. Leslie was able to explain to me in very simple terms just how important it was to tackle the problem early and with intensity. Her arguments convinced me and I agreed to start Alex in therapy twice a week. Alex, who always refused to do any speech practice with me at home, proved to be a difficult case at first. But with patience and great skill, the therapists at Language & Voice Experience continued to work with him to help remedy his articulation errors. When nothing worked, they tried harder and became more creative. Their efforts paid off. In his “graduation assessment” for articulation, Alex tested at one standard deviation above the norm for his age! His speech is now clear and intelligible to everyone around him. The sessions were also good for increasing his attention span and improving eye contact. When one of Alex’s therapists, Mary Lotto, told us it was time for Alex to graduate, I was thrilled, but he was disappointed –he knew that meant he wouldn’t be able to see her anymore. Overall, it was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend Language & Voice Experience to anyone with small children with speech and/or language delays.

- Kim L.